The Rise of Las Vegas Transportation

In its founding years, Las Vegas stood as a simple city for refueling and collecting water. During these times, railroad was the hot commodity in transportation to move out west. With more people moving to the western front, Las Vegas began its slow growth to the city we all know today.

A Slower, Simpler Time

For many years the quickest way to make your way to the city of lights was by railroad. Within Las Vegas, the only ways to get around would be with buggies, horseback or with your own two legs. Public transit was virtually non-existent, and getting places depended on your own means of transportation. Las Vegas acquired its first airport; the McCarran Airport in 1942, and with no public transit, a taxi cab was your only means of getting around.

Las Vegas transportation didn’t find itself with a public transit system until 1965 when the Las Vegas Transit System came into place (LVTS). This bus system consisted of 9 routes throughout the Vegas area. Patience had to be a virtue back then, as passengers could have to wait around 45 minutes for a transfer for another bus.

Business Booms

Of course as the population of Las Vegas increased, so did the transportation industry. The McCarran Airport expanded its size to accommodate more gates, airplanes and people. More taxi cab companies sprouted up, and more taxi cabs went onto the road. Intercity buses became more in numbers with more routes to accommodate more passengers to more destinations. A faster and more efficient intercity railway was established in 1993 for public transit within the Las Vegas area. This rail is called the Monorail and serves shorter rail routes for faster intercity transportation.

Today the options to get around Las Vegas seem to be almost unlimited. Las Vegas finds itself as one of the largest tourist locations in the US and has accommodated to the growing number of visitors with an expanding transit and transportation system. Chartering services, taxis, buses, monorails, bigger airports, and shuttles all make private and public transport within and to Las Vegas fast and convenient. The concern with today’s transportation industry is more geared to quality, comfort and convenience for passengers.




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