Why You Should Rent a Party Bus for Transportation in Las Vegas

Consider a party bus for transportation in Las Vegas.

Transportation in Las Vegas can come in the form of a party bus.

What’s the best way to truly “get this party started?” With a party bus, you can soak up every moment of fun by getting yourself and your guests in the mood, even before you reach your destination.

Hired Transportation in Las Vegas Is a Safe Transportation Option

In truth, no one ever truly wants to be the designated driver shuttling around friends during a fun night out on the town. That’s especially true in Vegas! Party buses in Las Vegas give you and every member of your group the green light to live it up, without worrying about designating a sober driver. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and it’s simply not fair for one individual to miss out on the true Vegas experience if they do decide they’d like to indulge in some alcoholic refreshments.

Keep the Party Going as Long as You Wish

Even in Vegas, most bars and restaurants do eventually close. A big benefit of booking Las Vegas limo coaches is they close when you decide they do. When you’ve had the foresight to book a party bus or limo, you can decide to celebrate as early or as late as you want.

Party Buses are Great for Far More Than Club Hopping

Get around Vegas in party buses.

Party buses can be a great way to get around Vegas.

Besides the freedom to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride (and the stocked mini fridge), when you rent a party bus you and your group can all travel together, wherever the destination may be. Coworkers heading to a convention, a wedding party heading to the reception, business VIPs shuttling in from the airport, groups heading to golf tournaments, guides giving tours to large parties – the possibilities are endless. Many businesses that wish to reward their employees with fun incentives or want to encourage their team to bond rent party buses to transport their employees for a day or night of fun.

Seating capacity varies according to the specific party bus and the size of the intended passengers. Typically, though, AWG Ambassador’s party buses can comfortably seat about 28 passengers. That’s significantly more than a standard limo.

Limos and Party Buses Are Surprisingly Cost Effective

Limos and party buses are synonymous with luxury and splurging. Actually, when you do the math, going this route rather than splitting up your group into multiple cabs or even personal vehicles makes sense financially. Multiple cabs mean multiple fares, fees and tips. Personal vehicles mean each driver uses gas and incurs parking fares (and, of course, each driver has to watch how much alcohol he or she consumes). Whether one person or the company picks up the tab for a party bus or the cost is divided among friends, everyone comes out ahead from both a financial and a fun perspective.

Whether you’re considering renting a party bus for business or pleasure, contact us at AWG. Our late-model 16, 20 and 28-passenger limo coaches await. Let us provide your chariot!

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